Can I connect different kinds of Filimin products?

Functionality Apr 08, 2020


All Friendship Lamp design styles can connect together. Right now there's three designs for our Friendship Lamps: the Classic, Modern, and Mid-Century (wood lamp). While the designs are different, they function identically.

But what about the Friendship Frame?

Good news! You can connect that to any of our Friendship Lamps too.

As far as instructions, troubleshooting information or other stuff we put out, all of it is functionally the same. So whether you have a Classic Friendship Lamp or a new Friendship Frame, things like the color status codes are still valid.

Melody Winger

I am Filimin's Marketing lead who loves to bake and draw. I have the most precious puppy named Cheddar 🐶 and the cutest kitten named 'Nilla 🐱.

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