Can I connect my Filimin if I don't have my own router?

Functionality Apr 10, 2020

If you're trying to set up your Filimin device without access to a private Wi-Fi router, you may be looking at your bridge kit in confusion. Never fear! We want your Filimin to help connect you no matter where you are. If you're setting up at school, at work, or on base, or if your home Wi-Fi is a shared network for several units (such as an apartment complex, assisted living facility, or other community living); or if you use a mobile hotspot instead of a router: this one's for you!

At school, at work or on base/Shared home network

If you don't have access to a router, please set aside your bridge kit and follow the steps in our Advanced Setup directions. Once you've completed the setup, you may receive a message that says "We couldn't verify that your Friendship Lamp is online", and your lamp will begin to blink blue as well as green. This means that you've successfully set up your Filimin, but the network has extra security that's blocking your Filimin from the web. You'll need to register your device to the network to gain access. Please contact your IT support for help. They'll need to know the MAC address of your device, which we call the Friendship Lamp ID. You can find this number right below the barcode on your Filimin.

Mobile hotspot

If you use a mobile hotspot for your internet, please set aside your bridge kit and prepare to follow the steps in our Advanced Setup directions. Before the setup, make sure your hotspot is active, and have another device ready that you can use to complete the setup. We're essentially treating the device with the hotspot as the "router", and the second device will be used to connect to the Filimin and enter the information that lamp needs to join the hotspot. Once the setup is complete, your Filimin should be able to go online normally any time the hotspot is active and within range, and will automatically reconnect unless the settings are changed or erased.


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