Can I have a pair of Friendship Lamps sent to two different locations?

Getting Started Apr 01, 2020

"I'd like to share a pair of lamps with a loved one. Instead of having the pair shipped to me then having to send a single lamp to my loved one, can you send it to them for me?"

Of course! We're glad to help. Here's how you do it:

Instead of placing one order for a pair of lamps, place two orders, each for a single lamp in our ecommerce platform. This gives you a way to provide two different shipping addresses. Then on one of the orders, make a note in the "special instructions" area telling us to pair the lamp with the other order you placed. Please include the order # of your first order so we can easily figure out which lamps to pair. Here's an example:

Forgot to tell us to pair them in your orders? No problem! We can pair them any time. Just call us. We're easy to reach.

Want to pair them yourself? You can do that too! Just create an account on our web portal, then create your own groups!

John Harrison

I have a diverse background in music and technology and draw inspiration by exploring the intersection of technology with the arts.

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