How do I pick my Filimin Friendship Lamp color when I add it to my cart?

Style Apr 08, 2020

Good news! You don’t have to decide which color of Filimin Friendship Lamp to choose at checkout - you get all the colors.

You get ALL 256 colors!

So how do you pick the color you want for your lamp? It's super-easy!  

Your Filimin Friendship Lamp is preset to include all 256 colors. Once your lamp arrives, register it at and you can choose a specific color or range of colors for your lamp. Now, when you touch your lamp, everyone in your group will see your color and know you were thinking of them. Plus, everyone in your group can choose their own signature color so you know who touched their lamp each time yours lights up.

My family has 5 lamps 💜💚💙💛🧡 are our colors!!! We LOVE our lamps! Awesome concept to show the family we are thinking of each other!!!  Carolyn

It's so easy to set your color, you could get creative and change the color whenever you want.

We have five of these in our family so far. It's fun to set what color your lamp is each day. They're easy to set up as well.  Cari W.

Patrice Cummings

Filimin Customer Service Lead/ I love to write, draw and paint. And, if you listen closely, you might hear me teaching English as a second language!

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