How do I tell who just touched their Filimin Friendship Lamp?

Functionality Apr 10, 2020

Filimin Friendship Lamps come equipped with 256 different colors to select from, so you and your loved ones can choose a unique color, or range of colors for yourselves. For groups of more than two people, it is recommended that you each pick a color for yourselves, so everyone knows who is sending love.

For me, I have a group of Friendship Lamps with some of my best friends. I have my color set to yellow, Ryan has his set to light blue, Tiffany has hers set to green, and Quinn has his set to pink/purple. When I come home and see the lamp has turned green, I know Tiffany was thinking about us <3.

You can go to our manager page to pick your color. Using the color wheel, you can select a color or range of colors for your lamp. You can also do this for your friends' lamps as well.

On the manager page, you can change the color range of your lamp with this color wheel

You can also leave your Friendship Lamp set to all colors, and it will randomly select a different color each time you touch it. This can be okay for small groups of two, but the more people you add, the more confusing it can be to guess who is thinking of the group.


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