How many Filimin Friendship Lamps can be in a group?

Functionality Apr 05, 2021

Good news!!! There is NO LIMIT to how many Filimin Friendship Lamps you can have in one group! You can have two lamps or you can have 100 lamps grouped together!

Even though you can have unlimited Filimin Friendship Lamps in your group, each lamp can only belong to one group at a time. You could switch between groups but you'd have to manually make the change in your dashboard each time and run the risk of missing a signal/message from the other group.

If you decide to expand your group later on, it's easy to add new lamps from your dashboard after the lamps are registered to an account. Alternatively, if you want to invite someone to your group that already has a Friendship Lamp of their own, have them send you a group invite request from their dashboard.

Find step-by-step instructions on how to set-up a group or how to invite someone to join your group by reading more information in our article: Setting Up Groups and Inviting a Loved One.


I work in customer service and production! I love crafts and hanging out with my furry friends Bud, Blu, and Echo!

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